About zami

Public Connectionsis an Integrated Multi Media & Strategic Communications/PR company, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,


A Private Limited Company established under Ethiopian Law and Registered by the Federal & the Addis Ababa Region Trade & Industry Bureau(registration No 01055/94 & 3/8789/95), respectively.


Build partnerships, harness respective capabilities, and turn shared limitations in to empowering opportunities.

                 Divisions & Services

ZAMI is comprised of three divisions: Zami Multi Media (ZMM); Zami Research, Training & Consultancy (ZARTAC), and Zami Strategic Communications & PR (Zest). The divisions are structured based on the principle of complementarity; and with a shared focus of achieving high end professional competence/capabilities, organic growth & concentric diversification at all levels.

The company commands capabilities--Knowledge, technical, human, strategic networking etc--which have been tested, sharpened, and enriched through years of professional engagement.

ZAMI Multi Media (ZMM)

ZMM constitutes Zami's core area of engagement i.e. radio/TV/Internet broadcast & turnkey media solutions. It provides services ranging from equipment supply to standard/customized training, technical support and other capacity related consultancy. The Media Training Program (ZMMTP) has modules and packages, which includes Foundational, Basic, Advanced, Specialized content focusing on Journalism & Production/ Engineering/Techniques. The modules have been developed with sensitivity to both the specific Ethiopian context as well as to the shared standards of the profession/industry.

ZAMI Research, Training & Consultancy (ZARTAC)

ZARTAC provides Subject/Area Specific & Interdisciplinary research/study covering areas like Business Development/ Feasibility study Project Implementation & Impact Assessment; Informal Education Modules & Resources Development/Adaptation etc. Most undertakings are carried through collaboration, and outsourced contractual personnel

ZAMI Strategic Communications & PR (Zest)

Provision of Customized/Creative Promotions and PR; Corporate Communication Strategy and Resource Development Consultancy; Business Facilitation & Commercial Representation, plus the Design and Management of related Events.


Deliver high quality professional services ensuring value added return to company investment; customers; society, and all other stakeholders impacted by its business.


Be the nation's leading Integrated Multi Media and Strategic Communication Service providing Company.


r  Transparency, inclusiveness, fairness, & equal opportunity

r  Professional excellence; integrity; legal and ethical conduct

r  Timeliness & quality in service; customer satisfaction

r  Social responsibility & Community Empowerment.